Following our 5th Access Auditing course with CAE (Centre for Accessible Environments) UK expert Vin Goodwin, we now have 47 people trained in Guernsey with a better understanding of access issues locally.

Our 5th course was planned to tie in with the run up to Purple Tuesday – the UK’s Accessible Shopping day which is 12th November. Guernsey is actively involved in the campaign, taking part in the 1st one last year with our Accessible Town project.  This year we are partnering with We All Matter, Eh? and Digital Greenhouse to offer:

  • CAE training – 15/16/17 TH October
  • Purple Tuesday forum and breakfast – Tuesday 12th November (8:30-10:15am) Digital Greenhouse
  • Web Accessibility forum – Friday 15th November (12-2pm) Digital Greenhouse
  • Customer Service training by appointment (contact

Find out more at our local Purple Tuesday page on the We All Matter, Eh? website

What is Access auditing?

The purpose of an access audit is to establish how well a building performs in relation to access and ease of use by a wide range of potential users, including people with mobility, cognitive and sensory impairments. Access audits are valuable:

  • To identify necessary adjustments in the service provided to disabled customers to meet the requirements of current provisions of the Equality Act 2010 (formerly the Disability Discrimination Act/DDA), BS8300, and Part M of the Building Regulations. (with local reference to proposed Discrimination Legislation)
  • As the first “reasonable step” to disabled access indicated in legislation, in recognising the possible obstacles, and devising solutions, to avoid possible litigation by discriminating by way of a worse service to a disabled customer.
  • To consider existing management and organisation of a building and its services, to achieve maximum accessibility.
  • As part of a future Access Action Plan, enabling incorporation of reasonable adjustments on future refurbishment, regular maintenance and budget planning for substantial capital costs.
  • To help gain consent for alterations, extensions and new builds in compliance with Part M of the Building Regulations.

Find out more on CAE website




Vice Chair, Access for All, Tony Yates

States Disability Officer, Gill Evans.