Access for All were back on site at the Little Chapel 15th January 2020 (having been involved on a number of occasions in 2019 and before) to review the accessibility plans. Access is a broad concept and includes more than ramps. We were pleased to see a wide number of initiatives proposed including better level access, hand rails, widening openings, rest areas, shelter, good signage, accessible toilets, 2 accessible parking places and more.

As per earlier comments the media from our Places (physical) lead Vice Chair Tony Yates

“Access for All are fully supportive of the provision of the two accessible parking places together with fully accessible pathways from that parking area to both the upper and lower levels Little Chapel and also Deodat’s Castle.

We are also supportive of the provision of an accessible toilet as there are currently no suitable toilets in the area. We also understand that St. Johns are willing to provide a narrow wheelchair that users can use to gain to the upper level of the Chapel.

All these provisions provide access to those with mobility problems to areas that they cannot currently access, a vast improvement over the current access.”

please see below The Little Chapel’s presentation on the plans.

TLC Presentation January 2020.Powerpoint

You can find out more about The Little Chapel Foundation on their website