We were delighted to receive this feedback from a family traveling using the sunflower lanyard for the first time.

““Karen – your sunflower training worked well for us today! At checkin Isobel’s lanyard was spotted and we were asked if we needed any additional assistance… I explained that security was stressful for bel, and they instantly arranged for a staff member to escort us. She prevented people coming immediately behind us so that we had space, and ensured that Isobel was okay to carry her teddy through security (teddy was then swabbed instead!). She froze at the archway bit, but it was okay cos we had no one behind us, and she helped me coax her through. Success!!! Please feel free to share our positive experience next time you are up here training people!! 😁

and “We got put on the plane first too – every interaction we have had today has been as good as it could be”