Making your documents as clear and readable as possible will allow you to reach a wider audience. The hints and tips detailed below are a guide on how to make your printed documents more accessible.


Your choice of font is important. Arial and Helvetica are clean and easy to read. Ideally your text would be:
• Atleast 12pt in height (2.5mm in lowercase)
• Line height, 20%-30% of font size
• justified left
• without bold, italics and vertical type
• in sentence case (not caps).

Design and Content

A good layout and simple content can help to make printed matter more easy to read and understand.
• split information into short sections.
• use lots of headings.
• avoid using all-capital letters.
• use plenty of white space in margins, around headings and between sections.

Large Print

A 16pt version of your document might be needed by some visually impaired readers. Text can be increased to this larger size or you can simply print the document double the size i.e. A4 to A3.


Placing text on top of pictures can make it difficult to read. Where possible place text below images.


A good contrast between foreground and background colours in your documents can really help.


Where possible use clear language. Refrain from using jargon and complex statements.

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