Update: #StayConnected 2021 is up and running please follow the same procedure below

We All Matter, Eh? is partnering with the Association of Guernsey Charities (AGC) and many local organisations and charities to coordinate a new project called #StayConnected.

Phase 1 – Older islanders and people shielding

The initiative offers older and more vulnerable islanders access to a tablet/ iPad and WiFi devices for use during the COVID-19 crisis.  This promotes the advice from experts that, in these challenging times, it is important for family and friends to stay connected for everyone’s wellbeing. Please note this includes anyone shielding. 

We have received significant support from the community and businesses for the #StayConnected initiative, including #SureCommunityFoundation, Galaxy CI, Resolution IT, Deloitte LLP and Swoffers, as well as private donations of second hand devices.

Phase 2 – broader reach

With the closure of visiting at the Hospital, Care homes and supported living homes we have widened the project to include these places and also wider younger carers and vulnerable individuals. Please reach out if you would like to apply for a device (both iPad and wifi or one or the other).

Phase 3 – Digital Wellbeing

When things slow down on delivery of devices we will form new partnerships to focus on ‘Digital wellbeing’ and training. Its exciting to think of all the islanders using new technology and the benefits that can bring and also ensuring they are digitally safe. Watch this space.

Applying for a device and/or Wifi

Please email Karen with your name, address and phone number and brief details of how the equipment would assist you, a family member of friend. If you don’t have access to email you can contact Karen on 07781 467316

You will be asked to sign a simply form for the loan or release of the equipment.  We will organise delivery as soon as reasonably possible.

Please note whilst we are in Lock Down face to face training can not be provided.

Wishing to donate a 2nd hand device 

We would welcome good quality 2nd hand devices (tablet, iPad or smart phones welcome). If possible please drop off safely at:

Drop Off points
  1. Lloyds Bank St Sampsons –  branch opening times are Mon-Fri 10am-2pm
  2. Lloyds Bank St Martins – branch opening times are Mon-Fri 10am-2pm

If you can not drop off we will arrange pick up but it may take a few days. Please provide your name, address and telephone number so we can arrange collection. Thank you

Wishing to donate funds to the project 

The AGC has also set up a funding page #StayConnected on www.giving.gg, its online donation platform to enable donations to be made to purchase useful items for this initiative. All donations gratefully received thank you


Our Impact

We have been overwhelmed by the level of demand from individuals, care homes, supported living and the hospital. This has been matched by significant support by businesses, groups, funders and individuals.

We have collated an infographic to demonstrate the impact the Stay Connected campaign has had.

Media release

Please find below a copy of our media statement with references from our partners and donors.

Media Release 2020-04 – #StayConnected – final v2


95th birthday by video messaging

“Just wanted to say what an amazing idea this is – loaning out iPads to older people.

My mum is now in possession of one thanks to my niece. She is 95 on Saturday. lives alone and is finding this isolation quite tough now – she’s getting bored and missing us all.

So she took possession of this piece of kit this morning and has spent the day calling us all on FT – determined to master this new skill.

It’s hilarious and she is quite determined not to be beaten!

So congratulations and thank you ”
Dropped off the iPad today and tried to teach Grandma from a distance. She has been practising all afternoon and FaceTiming everyone! It’s her 95th birthday on Saturday and this will make it so special for her to see everyone.

I really appreciate all you and your team have done!

Grandad facetiming his grandson

“My dad will be over the moon to see his Grandson over facetime!! ?”

Les Bourgs

Here is a very happy Sharon who is our Ward Sister/Governance Lead with the new Ipad that has been very kindly donated to the Les Bourgs Hospice to enable patients to keep in contact with their family. These are difficult times for us all but even more so for patients who are receiving end of life care when they cannot have the direct support and company of their loved ones . This will without doubt make a huge difference to them and we are incredibly grateful to Karen Blanchford and her team for arranging this, Deloitte for their generosity and also Swoffers for the delivery.

Le Vieux Jardin

“The donation of the IPad and Wi-Fi from #StayConnected has greatly improved the lives of our service users and families during Covid 19. These items have meant that service users can now FaceTime family members on a regular basis, and families who are used to visiting on a regular basis take comfort from seeing them, especially in the current situation”.  Thank you from everyone at The Autism Hub

Beauville – coming soon

Brock Ward

To our very generous and kind benefactors,

On behalf of Sister Moira Norman and all the staff on Brock ward, I would like to say a big thank you for the very kind donation of a Windows Tablet. We are very conscious of how not being able to visit family and friends at this time may cause additional distress so anything that will enable communication to continue is a help. We have set up the Tablet with Zoom software and it will be available for any patient who needs to make use of video calling.

Many thanks indeed for the donation,

Yours sincerely,

Gillian Clark, Acting Ward Clerk on Brock Ward

A message of thanks from nan

“Can you please send our thanks to Swoffers for delivering the iPad and Deloittes and Sure for the iPad and accessories. My nan has not seen anyone for 2 weeks and only has an old phone. She has children and grandchildren in the UK, NZ and Australia so is thrilled she can now FaceTime them. She hasn’t met some of her grandchildren yet in person so this will give her the opportunity to be able to see them on the iPad. We really appreciate it”

Doing the crossword

“Just wanted to thank the Sure Community Foundation for the wifi and Swoffers for your help in getting mum online. Its meant that we can skype her which seems so much more inclusive than speaking on the phone and we have been able to continue doing the daily crosswords with her. It has definitely helped her feel less isolated and she is also learning a new skill.”

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