The Team

The WAME team is made up of a number of volunteers and professionals supporting the campaign to have islanders voices heard.

Whos the team?

Our members– on sharing their stories. So far 19 people with disabilities, carers and member charity representatives have been involved and they are pivotal to the entire initiative.

The rest of the team facilitate the capmaign and bring it all together:

  • Karen Blanchford – on member contact and fundraiser (and keeping everyone in check)
  • Oliver Tracey – on camera
  • Sandra Robilliard – on subtitles and case studies
  • Ben Jones – on creative and digital stuff
  • Gez Overstall – on glueing it all together!
  • Trish Grover – on words
  • Ellie Jones – on project management

Who are We All Matter Eh! (WAME) – who we are

WAME is a group of islanders, and their families, sharing stories of living with disability in Guernsey. It all began in 2013 to help inspire the government (the States of Guernsey) to pass the first ‘Disability and Inclusion Strategy’ for the island, which includes creating a law to protect disabled people and carers from discrimination.

The 2016 campaign continues to raise awareness of hidden disabilities and stimulate people to change attitudes. Attached are statements from the team members and the impact the campaign has had on them. They have quite clearly been affected personally through their involvement and have already changed their own attitudes and made changes in their behaviours. If those reactions can be disseminated throughout even a percentage of the Guernsey population, this campaign will have been a great success.

For more information:

Twitter – @weallmattereh

WAME is the members voice of the GDA – Guernsey Disability Alliance

The Guernsey Disability Alliance was formed in 2008 and is a collective voice for individual disabled islanders, their family members and 40 local disability charities.

Our mission is equality of opportunity for disabled islanders and carers in Guernsey.  We want to change how Guernsey thinks about disability.

  • We campaign for greater respect for the rights and dignity of disabled islanders and carers.
  • We influence policy and practical change in a manner consistent with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  • We engage and empower our members so that their individual voices are heard.

WAME is fundametal in reaching two of our core strategies

  • To be a collective voice for change, representing the overall views of disabled individuals, disability charities and carers
  • To empower its members to speak for themselves, whether as individuals or as groups