Accessible Activities

Our new We All Matter Eh! campaign for 2017 is Accessible Activities. By highlighting all of the sports and clubs that are accessible locally we hope to increase participation, raise physical and mental wellbeing, encourage other clubs to become more accessible.

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Hidden Disabilities


Watch and read our stories about living with a hidden disability, the challenges we face and the top tips on how you can get involved.


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Going to work, picking up the kids, getting to the doctor’s, stopping off for groceries. If you haven’t got a car, it can be pretty complicated trying to do all that by public transport in Guernsey.

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Disability and Inclusion Strategy


We began recording our stories in 2013 to help inspire our government (the States of Guernsey) to pass the first ‘Disability and Inclusion Strategy’ for the island, which includes creating a law to protect disabled people and carers from discrimination.

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