Transport Campaign

April 2014

The Disability and Inclusion Strategy was passed unanimously in November 2013. In April 2014 we made videos about some of the specific barriers that disabled islanders face. We started with difficulties getting from A to B, as there are lots of interesting proposals specifically for disabled people in Environment Department’s new Transport Strategy. Watch the videos below.

Everyone needs to get from A to B

Going to work, picking up the kids, getting to the doctor’s, stopping off for groceries. If you haven’t got a car, it can be pretty complicated trying to do all that by public transport in Guernsey.

But imagine if you couldn’t use public transport either…

Let Sara Jayne and Donna and Maria and Peter tell you about the transport barriers that disabled islanders face every day. Watch and share their videos.

We’ll be making more videos on other topics later in the year. Like our Facebook page or follow @weallmattereh on Twitter to be alerted.

Wheelchairs on buses is not enough – think door to door

Buses in Guernsey are accessible to all, and that’s great. But if someone has mobility or sight problems, they may not be physically able to reach the bus stop in the first place. Or to get from the bus stop to where they want to go at the other end.

Someone with a learning disability may find it hard to understand the bus system, especially if something about the journey changes unexpectedly. Or may not have the confidence to travel unaccompanied.

What’s changing?

We are pleased to report that on May 14th 2014, the States of Guernsey passed a Transport Strategy that aims to bring in:

– A door to door transport system for people who can’t use the bus
– A greater number of accessible taxis
– Improved routes to and from key bus stops – more dropped kerbs and safer crossings.
– More seating at bus stops
– Improved timetables and other audio/visual information.
– A wheelchair-scooter hire scheme (Shopmobility)

A budget of £150,000 a year has been agreed to fund these changes.

Let’s end isolation and start making sure everyone is included. Because We All Matter, Eh?