What can we all do to #MakeAChange

We can all make a change locally wether we are an individual, business or community organisation. Here are some ways you can join us to make a change in Guernsey


You can sponsor one of our projects or campaigns. Funding the project or maybe also involving staff in the event. To find out more about our sponsorship opportunities please contact Karen on Karen@matter.gg


We welcome donations for our ongoing work or towards a specific project. Donations can be made via the Association of Guernsey Charities Giving website (please press the Donate button or logo), via cheque to Guernsey Disability Alliance or contact one of the team to talk about other ways to make a donation to our membership. Thank you



We welcome volunteers to support We All Matter, Eh? or the GDA, either with running the campaigns or taking part in the project or activities. Examples including helping out with events such as: Saffery Rotary Walk, Accessible Christmas evening, or assist us to fundraise. Please get in touch with Karen, Trudi or freindsof@gda.org.gg

Pause – Bring down the barriers

Whilst our impairments or disabilities are all different, one thing we all have in common is that we face barriers just trying to get on with daily tasks other people take for granted.
Some barriers are obvious – like a building that has lots of steps. But the way a company recruits its managers and staff can be a barrier too, especially for people with communication and learning difficulties or mental health issues.

Change – Attitudes

The biggest barrier is attitude. Most of the time people aren’t deliberately negative or unhelpful. It’s simply lack of awareness and understanding, combined with a natural reluctance to do things differently. Disability just isn’t something people think about much or know much about. That’s why we’ve been making our videos.

Share – Get everyone involved

We know change won’t happen overnight.  But the first step came when our past Deputies voted unanimously for the Disability and Inclusion Strategy in November 2013.

In April 2016, a new States of Deliberation was elected by the community. A large part of our campaign was to make the Disability and Inclusion strategy real for all of us on a day to day basis. #MakeItReal

Now we really need your help to make the Strategy happen and to bring down the barriers that disabled islanders face.  Because we all matter, eh?

Thank you to past sponsors and supporters

Creating and running a campaign requires support from the community. We would welcome a discussion from any potential sponsors in relation to supporting and funding our campaigns. We are able to offer a number of avenues for recognition: use of your logo on the video, factsheets, sponsors page, as well as extensive use of social media and traditional media (GEP, radio and TV). Please contact karen@matter.gg to find out more. Or donate online at giving.gg (via the Guernsey Disability Alliance GDA)

We are extremely grateful to all our supporters. Without their funding the projects would not happen, the Change Cards would not have been produced and the voice of islanders with disabilities heard. Thank you