Who we are

We All Matter, Eh is the brand used by the Guernsey Disability Alliance (GDA) to tell members stories

We are a group of islanders, and their families, sharing our stories of living with disability in the island of Guernsey. We want to raise awareness and change the way the Guernsey Community thinks about disability locally. By doing this we want to bring about greater inclusivity for the 13,000 disabled islanders to access the community, this includes: shops, restaurants & cafes, work, entertainment, education – every aspect of everyday life.

We began doing this in 2013 to help inspire our government (the States of Guernsey) to pass the first ‘Disability and Inclusion Strategy’ for the island.

In 2016 we launched our Hidden Disabilities campaign to raise awareness around living with unseen disabilities. Take a look at our videos and factsheets.

In early 2017 our campaign was around Accessible Activities, increasing awareness of accessible clubs for disabled islanders, to increase participation, wellbeing and encourage other clubs to become more accessible.

In 2017, we launched our #MakeAChange campaign encouraging all groups: businesses and community groups to make a change so that Guernsey is more inclusive.

In 2018, we are building on the successful #MakeAChange campaign partnering with Access for All and Chamber of Commerce The Accessible Town project www.accessibletown.gg

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What needs to change?

The biggest barrier is attitude. It’s simply lack of awareness and understanding.

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What’s the States doing about it?

Find out more about Guernsey’s Disability and Inclusion Strategy.

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Sponsorship and support

we would welcome support in the way of sponsorship, donations, volunteers, venues etc. Please get in touch at matter@gda.org.gg

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Why We All Matter

There are 13,000 people who have a physical or mental health condition or impairment living in Guernsey who experience some sort of difficulty in day to day life. For 4,000 islanders, these difficulties are substantial.

You can find the Disability Needs Survey 2012 at https://www.gov.gg/article/154882/Disability-Needs-Survey