Project outline

We All Matter, Eh? is partnering with the Association of Guernsey Charities to give businesses and employees the option of donating to charities on the front line during the pandemic via #DonateAnHour of your salary.

Leading the way is PraxisIFM who have already launched the project with their Guernsey and London offices and PWC who are currently organising the option for staff locally.

you can view the PraxisIFM media release here:

PraxisIFM April hour appeal news release

How can businesses and employees get involved?

Let employees know you are taking part (heres an example email)

“In the current situation there are many islanders who are already struggling or may do so over the coming months.

Our business has been in discussion with the Association of Guernsey Charities (AGC) about how best we could support island charities that are currently facing a big surge in demand for their services, or are facing funding shortfalls because they are unable to hold fundraising events.

With the current social distancing restrictions and lockdown in place there’s clearly little practically that we can do as individuals, to help. But if you choose to, there is an option to donate an hour of your April/May salary.

The AGC has guided us which charities need the most financial support right now. We have agreed to support two of these A and B. Heres a little more information on these charities services …

To take part in the initiative please contact our HR department at xxx”

Choosing a charity to donate to

The Association of Guernsey Charities has a donation website called where islanders can donate to local charities for free.

  1. Go to the Giving website 
  2. Select Donate to a Guernsey Charity
  3. Choose a charity from the list (please email AGC if you need any guidance)
  4. Choose a way to make your payment (Internet banking, PayPal or Credit card)

Thank you for your support for local charities during this pandemic

What next?

Feel free to contact Karen (AGC committee member) via email at or any member of the AGC via

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