We All Matter, Eh? wishes to thank all the deputies that voted for the proposals for Discrimination Legislation. We hope the focus will now be on what we can all do to support the community to prepare for the law.

We All Matter, Eh? will be focusing on:

  • raising awareness and changing attitudes around disability and carers
  • forming partnerships to provide information and training to the community

Save the Date: Tuesday 2nd November 2021 Purple Tuesday

Raising awareness 

In 2021 we will be focusing on forming partnerships with key stakeholders to raise awareness and change attitudes locally around discrimination, disability and access. Projects include:

  • A gap analysis of all local training on equality, diversity, access and
  • How to increase knowledge and understanding of the proposed discrimination legislation – myth busting the fears
  •  We partner with the government, public sector, business, third sector and community
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Hidden Disability lanyard training

We All Matter, Eh? partner with the States of Guernsey Disability Officer to offer Hidden Disability lanyard training and also links to the Free Online Disability Awareness training.

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We are a group of islanders, and their families, sharing our stories of living with disability in the island of Guernsey.

We want to raise awareness and change the way the Guernsey Community thinks about disability locally. By doing this we want to bring about greater inclusivity for the 13,000 disabled islanders to access the community, this includes: shops, restaurants & cafes, work, entertainment, education – every aspect of everyday life.

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Purple Tuesday – 3rd November 2020

Changing the Customer Experience

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Guernsey Together  – Stay Connected

Connecting over 65’s and vulnerable islanders with family and friends via video messaging (loaning iPads and wifi)

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Purple Tuesday – 12th November 2019


We All Matter, Eh? and our stakeholders will be taking an active part in the 2nd Purple Tuesday, accessible shopping day. It will include Hidden Disabilities training and other events leading up to Tuesday 12th November 2019.

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Accessible Activities 2019

In partnership with Butterfield Bank, we have launched a new 2019 accessible activities series with children, including the fantastic work between St Martins Primary school with Guernsey, Lets Go Mobility mini olympics and partnerships with music and arts groups.

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Equality Guernsey Series 2019

We All Matter, Eh? (GDA) was an active partner in the excellent Equality Guernsey series, running workshops and the Equality Conference first half of 2019. You can find out more on the Equality Guernsey website.

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#MakeAChange 2018

Our 2018 campaign encouraged organisations, community groups and individuals in Guernsey to #MakeAChange. View our celebrations of the #MakeAChange nominations, we voted by our members.

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Accessible Town 2018

In 2018 we recognised the outstanding achievements of organisations, groups and individuals that have worked to improve accessibility and inclusion for disabled islanders and carers in Guernsey.

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#MakeAChange 2017

Our 2017 celebration recognised the outstanding achievements of organisations, groups and individuals that have worked to improve accessibility and inclusion for disabled islanders and carers in Guernsey.

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Accessible Activities 2017

In 2017 we launched a new We All Matter Eh! campaign called Accessible Activities. By highlighting all of the sports and clubs that are accessible locally we hoped to increase participation…

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Hidden Disabilities

With over 13,000 people with a physical or mental condition in Guernsey a large proportion of the population have some form of disability, many of these are unseen.

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Disability and Inclusion Strategy

In 2010, the States of Guernsey recruited a Disability Officer to find out how many disabled people and carers there were in Guernsey and Alderney.

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In April 2014 we made videos about some of the specific barriers that disabled islanders face. We started with difficulties getting from A to B…

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