Extra toilets will be available for the Accessible Christmas evening at the bottom of Market steps, start of the arcade, including an extra accessible portable toilet.

There are accessible toilets at:

  • Bus Terminus
  • Co-op – Market Buildings
  • Constables Office – Lefebvre Street
  • Guille- Alles Library – Market Square
  • Crown/vistoria pier
  • North Beach Car Park

Community Toilet Scheme

St Peter Port Douzaine are pleased to announce the launch of its Community Toilet Scheme project at the St Peter Port Constables Office on Tuesday 16 January 2018.

Scheme concept
The St Peter Port Douzaine have been mindful for some time that although public toilet provision in the town centre by the States is sufficient along the seafront, it is clear that public toilet provision away from the harbour is not provided. It was not considered feasible to try to create a new public toilet to replace the Market Square toilets that were closed at the time the Market Redevelopment took place. A number of towns and cities in the UK operate a Community Toilet scheme including Gloucester and Bath, by using a window or door sticker to show that the facility is available at the premise.
The Douzaine decided to emulate these schemes, in Guernsey, by approaching organisations in Town to participate in this project. It was recognised that in any case many organisations are helpful to the public by allowing the use of their facilities.

This scheme allows the public to understand which organisations and premises are available and to give recognition and applaud the participants for their community spirit to help, particularly for those people with special requirements who are not able to walk the distances to the seafront. The Douzaine resolved to lead by example by making the refurbished Constables Office available within the scheme.

Scheme details
Participants register their agreement with the Douzaine to be a part of the scheme and are provided with an appropriate window / door sticker to show the nature of facilities available including as appropriate, baby change and or disability access and provision. The participants will be shown on the Douzaine website and the Parish will liaise with agencies dealing with Town to give wider publicity.

Founder participants
We are proud to announce that the following founder organisations have stepped forward to help this scheme with their participation :

  • Co-op – Market Buildings
  • Constables Office – Lefebvre Street
  • Creaseys – Smith Street
  • Creaseys – High Street
  • Golden Lion – Market Street
  • Guille- Alles Library – Market Square
  • Harbour Lights – South Esplanade
  • St James Concert Hall