We are very grateful to our sponsors and supporters for 2018

Lloyds Bank Foundation

Thank you to Lloyds Bank Foundation for supporting this project from its concept including this new website and our flyers for businesses and disabled islanders and carers.


Employment Social Security (States of Guernsey)

We are delighted that the project will be supported by the Committee for Employment and Social Security. “Raising awareness and changing attitudes in relation to disability, inclusion and access is a key objective for the Committee” said Deputy Emilie Yerby “And this initiative is a great way to bring people together and learn more about these very important issues”

Sure Community Foundation

We welcome the Sure Community Foundation as Co-Sponsor of the Accessible Christmas Evening – Lights and Shopping event, Monday 3rd December. They are generously supporting the entertainment and stage are for the night. Sure shop on the Hight Street will be open for the evening and have completed the Hidden Disabilities training.  Thank you for their overall support for the project and also for the staff volunteering on the night (Christmas present wrapping service)!

Sure Community Foundation

Butterfield Bank – Sponsors of the Accessible Christmas Lights children’s area

We are delighted to welcome Butterfield Bank as sponsors of the children’s activities at the Accessible Christmas Lights and Shopping evening, Monday 3rd December 5:30-7:30pm. We are working in partnership with a number of charities and groups to provide a wide range of accessible entertainment on the night and welcome all children with disabilities, their siblings, family and friends to join us.

The Channel Islands Co-operative Society

We welcome The Channel Islands Co-operative Society as our 1st Purple Tuesday partner. The Co-Op has been actively involved in improving accessibility throughout the year with its Quiet hour, Hidden Disability lanyards training and store access reviews. We thank the The Channel Islands Co-operative Society for its support as a partner for Purple Tuesday and for assisting with the hidden disabilities lanyard training for retailers.



We are extremely grateful to Careys for supporting the GDA as their charity of the year. The team will be running the Tombola in the Children’s area on the night (Inner Market). Thank you for your support.

Carey Website


We are delighted to welcome Ravenscroft as partners of the Accessible Town project. They have been consistent supporters of We All Matter Eh (Hidden Disabilities campaign) and the GDA. Thank you for your ongoing support. We look forward to seeing you on the night.


Chamber of Commerce

With over 600 active members Chamber of Commerce represents a large portion of the Island’s business community. Chamber is supporting us (the GDA is a formal member) with our business survey, launch and educational workshop series.


Guernsey Recycling Group

Thank you to our partners Guernsey Recycling Group for demonstrating their support and commitment to the Accessible Town Project

Create Limited - Chartered Architects & Chartered Surveyors

Create have partnered with Access for All on a number of projects including the Access Hints and Tips you can find on our resources page. We welcome them as partners of the Accessible Town project.


We All Matter Eh?

We are a group of islanders, and their families, sharing our stories of living with disability in the island of Guernsey. We want to raise awareness and change the way the Guernsey Community thinks about disability locally. By doing this we want to bring about greater inclusivity for the 13,000 disabled islanders to access the community, this includes: shops, restaurants & cafes, work, entertainment, education – every aspect of everyday life.


St Peter Port Christmas Lights

St Peter Port Christmas Lights have been the key partner in bringing together the 1st Accessible Christmas lights evening - Monday 3rd December from 5:30pm. We thank them for the proactive support in ensuring all Guernsey residents and visitors have the opportunity to take part in this important community event.


Dementia Friendly Guernsey

We are delighted to welcome GDA member charity Dementia Friendly Guernsey as an education partner, they will be delivering dementia friendly sessions out of the Guilles Library as part of the educational workshop series. They can also be found on social media with Hints and tips videos and factsheet at matter.gg Thank you for getting involved.


Guernsey Employment Trust

We are delighted to welcome GDA member organisation Guernsey Employment Trust as educational partners, they will be delivering a workshop on business etiquette, introducing their good practice guide and reasonable adjustment (a public session).


Guernsey Mind

We are delighted to welcome Guernsey Mind as an education partner, they will be delivering a sessions as part of the educational workshop series on Purple Tuesday - 13th November at 9am.  Find out more about Guernsey Mind on their website

Guille-Allès Library

Thank you to Guille-Alles library for embracing Accessible Town and becoming a base for our Dementia Friendly workshop and on the night of Monday 3rd December


Sole Mates

Thank you to Sole Mates for supporting the Accessible Town project from day 1

States of Guernsey - Environment and Infrastructure

Thank you to the Department of Environment and Infrastructure for supporting the Accessible Christmas Lights and shopping Evening - Monday 3rd December in relation to additional blue badge parking, etc Thank you Disability Champion Deputy Sarah Hansmann Rouxel for her support for the whole Accessible Town Series


Guernsey Disability Alliance (GDA)

The Guernsey Disability Alliance was formed in 2008 and is a collective voice for individual disabled islanders, their family members and more than 40 member-charities-list.

Our mission is equality of opportunity for disabled islanders and carers in Guernsey.  We want to change how Guernsey thinks about disability.

  • We campaign for greater respect for the rights and dignity of disabled islanders and carers.
  • We influence policy and practical change in a manner consistent with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  • We engage and empower our members so that their individual voices are heard.


Guernsey Scouts

We welcome 1st Guernsey Sea Scouts group as partners for the Accessible Christmas lights evening where they will be volunteering with a number fo our activities including the library sessions. The group are well known to our members as they complete the Walk n Talk part of the Saffery Rotary Walk with our members each year.

CT plus

CT Plus are partnering with St John Healthcare for Purple Tuesday and will be at the Bus Information Shop, South Esplanade, on 13 November offering mobility options for disabled islanders.

Princess Project

Here at the Princess Project, we dress as some of your little ones favourite Princesses, our mission is to spread joy to all corners of the island. For every private booking that we take, we will match the time spent and offer our services to a charitable cause. We understand that we are privileged enough to be influential to children whilst in character, and want to use this privilege to spread positive messages to the younger generations.

Guernsey Arts Commission

We are pleased to welcome the Arts Commission as a partner. They believe that appreciation of the arts is nurtured by exposure and education and the arts should be accessible to everyone. Creativity enriches the lives of individuals and our community. Watch this space for how they will be getting involved on the night.

St John Healthcare

We are delighted to be able to confirm that St John Healthcare will be joining forces with CT Plus for Purple Tuesday and will be at the Bus Information Shop, South Esplanade, on 13 November.

We will have a selection of mobility scooters and wheelchairs available to use free of charge. We will also be displaying a selection of access and mobility items and we will be available to answer any questions regarding what St John Healthcare offer from our shop on the Rohais.

We really hope that the day is widely supported and your members come and see us to make use of the scooters and chairs to help them get around St Peter Port more easily.

The Leo Club Guernsey

Leos have been loyal supporters of We All Matter Eh? and the GDA and we welcome them to the Accessible Town project where they will take a stall for the night. Hopefully with some of their gourmet cakes 🙂


Creaseys have confirmed they will be open Monday 3rd December 5:30-7:30pm


M&S have confirmed they will be open Monday 3rd December 5:30-7:30pm

Feelunique Guernsey

Feelunique have confirmed they will be open Monday 3rd December 5:30-7:30pm


HMV have confirmed they will be open Monday 3rd December 5:30-7:30pm

Sports Direct

Sports Direct have confirmed they will be open Monday 3rd December 5:30-7:30pm

Joni facepainting

Joni will be available for face printing as part of the Children's activities, generously sponsored by Butterfield Bank,  Monday 3rd December 5:30-7:30pm


We are delighted to announce that Boots are open on Monday 3rd December and have undertaking the Hidden Disabilities lanyard training for the High Street branch and also the Bridge store. thank you for your support

Derek Birch and Son Jewellers

Derek Birch and Son Jewellers will be open for late night shopping Monday 3rd December 5:30 - 7:30pm, thank you for their support.

Golden Lion

Thank you to the Golden Lion for their support for the evening. watch this space re the Mulled Wine table!

Dix Neuf - Liberation Group

Thank you to Dix Neuf for getting actively involved in the evening and instigating the 1st level fo Access awareness (mini physical access review)


Artex are generously providing a wrapping service and refreshments in the Chamber of Commerce office in Inner Market - Monday 3rd December 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Guernsey Police

Thank you to Guernsey Police for taking a keen interest in supporting this event and booking in for the Hidden Disabilities training. We greatly value your support.

Santa and friends

yes its an important part of the night but we are delighted that Father Christmas has confirmed himself and at least one elf as partners of the Accessible Christmas lights evening!!

Stan Brouard

A big thank you to Stan Brouard who have donated Santas mini grotto for Monday 3rd December. I am sure Santa and his elf and Butterfield volunteers will look fabulous in their newly donated home.

SOPM School of Popular Music

We are really looking forward to hearing SOPM busk at two locations in town as we celebrate IDPwD and the Accessible Town project Monday 3rd December 5:30-7:30pm. Thanks Tyler and co

YBG Young Business Group

Thank you to YBG for all their support for the Accessible Christmas Lights evening, sharing their experience and contacts from the Switch on and for all their continuous support for the work of the GDA and We All Matter eh?

Purple Light Up

On 3rd December 2017 in response to a casual tweet from our CEO Kate Nash OBE, major corporations and government buildings in countries across the world lit up purple or flew a purple flag to celebrate the economic power of disabled people across the globe and IDPwD (International day of Disability). Thanks for sharing the #PurpleLightUp concert and your support for Guernsey.

So far Market Building, St James have signed up to #PurpleLightUp



No need to worry about dinner on Monday 3rd December, Chefan, bespoke gourmet burgers and other foods will be at the Accessible Evening from 5pm until the food runs out!


Lexicon will be open for late night shopping Monday 3rd December: 5:30pm - 7:30pm. Thank you for your support


Benetton will be open for late night shopping Monday 3rd December: 5:30pm - 7:30pm. Thank you for your support

Acorn Interiors

Acorn Interiors will be open for late night shopping Monday 3rd December: 5:30pm - 7:30pm. Thank you for your support

Specsavers, Market Street

Specsavers will not be open on the night but they will generously be giving out reusable bags for people to use for the night, thank you.

St Joseph’s Schola

St Joseph’s choir will be performing a number of carols on Monday 3rd December. For a few they will be accompanied by the Deaf Children Society who will Sign to Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Rudolph. Thank you for your support for the evening and bringing some Christmas spirit.

Cheshire Home

Thank you to Cheshire Home for providing their fabulous cakes as part of the refreshments in Town Church quiet zone and our project HQ in Chamber of Commerce. Cheshire Home will also have a stall at the event - their Hamper raffle.


Thank you to BWCI for fundraising for the Accessible Town project on Purple Tuesday, selling purple cakes and dressing down in Purple! great work.

No 33 Art Gallery - Notes to Islanders

Sian will be displaying her inspiring ''Notes to Islanders' exhibition within the inner market Monday 3rd December


Thank you to Randalls for their support on Monday 3rd December


We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Guernsey Prison who are lending us a number of benches and extra seating for the Accessible Christmas Lights evening, Monday 3rd December. The workshop is open to the public to purchase goods


Thank you to member charity GROW for providing benches for the Accessible Town evening. Our members greatly appreciated the opportunity to rest during the activities.